What We Do

Art of Tree - advocator of eco-responsibility, turning salvaged trees into furniture. What started as a passion for natural art has become a way of life for husband-and-wife team Jeffrey Yang (creative director) and Joey Woo (managing director). We are the brawn and brains behind Art of Tree, a Malaysian furniture maker with an eye for sustainability made beautiful.

Like all art, beauty shares its throne with deeper individual purpose - and this is something Art of Tree knows well. Salvaged raintree, acacia, angsana, catappa, mahogany are amongst those repurposed as building blocks of our furniture pieces. Each slab comes from Malaysian urban areas. These are trees otherwise rejected in the court of consumerism: either with cavities, fallen on their own, or cleared for development.

We believe a greater purpose lies in the intricate marks of each fallen tree and take pride in creating conversation pieces tailored to stylistic preferences. Whether as a sturdy office nucleus, trusty living fixture, or dining and wining companion, Art of Tree proves that furniture can be functional, tasteful, and kind to Mother Earth at the same time.

Our Philosophy

Repurposing salvaged trees isn't merely recycling. It is a touch of Art. It takes the brilliance of the mind and the wonders of Mother Nature to create functional furniture masterpieces. This defines Art of Tree.

With forest diminishing fast and the effects of global warming becoming increasingly evident, we can no longer turn a blind eye on what is happening around us. It is perhaps inevitable that the wood element is set as an integral part of furnishing. However, it remains a choice on our part on how the materials are sourced. Art of Tree procures wood from fallen and unwanted trees in the cities around Malaysia. We believe these trees should not be just discarded when their time is due. They served us well in living, and they could serve a greater purpose when they are dead.

As we nourish ourselves through natures' creations, we also believe in giving back to Mother Earth. Therefore we pledge that part of the proceeds from the business is channeled into funding the efforts to rehabilitate forests. This resonates with our hope to eventually be recognized as a carbon negative entity

behind Art of Tree

Driven by passion and great eyes on Art, Art of Tree is founded by Jeffrey Yang and Joey Woo. Jeffrey heads the Production & Designing team to deliver the best out of salvaged timber and Joey heads the Sales & Marketing team to effectively bring Art of Tree into the next level.

Why Us?

Sense & Identity
We are a rising design house,making a statement in modern contemporary furnishing
Ideas & creativity
Not merely just furniture, we make conversational pieces
reflect & conscience
Repurposing salvaged timber into functional furniture with style & channelling part of the proceeds back into rehabilitation of forest
Tailored & personalized
You are unique, just as our pieces are
selection & variety
We like to spoil you for choice
styling & finishing
Our craftsmanship speaks for itself